Frequently Asked Question

Question: Are you registered officially?
Answer: Yes, it is registered under Social Welfare Ministry. Registration number: S-12258/2015

Question: Is Bidyanondo a School with different curriculum?
Answer: No. Bidyanondo is not a comprehensive school. It is a teaching center to assist weaker student to be prepare better and improve IQ. Every Bidyanondo branch will have one open library for all kinds of readers.

Question: Other than education, what is running Major projects?
Answer: Selling food to street Kids @1Tk (For details:, Creating Orphanage at Ramu, Free Distributing of Immigration assistance book etc

Question: How it is sponsored?

Question: What is the major cost of Bidyanondo?
Answer: It has 3 rented campus, 4 full time employees and part time teachers. Other than this we need to provide teaching materials to students. Free breakfast is distributed random basis for our remote branch

Question: Can anybody donate for this organization and what is donation process?
Answer: Yes. We accept donation in any form (cash, book or supporting Martials). Please communicate with before donation. BKash A/C: 01721932565 ( personal),Faruque Ahmed. Bank account no (Shipra Das, 148.151.36481, DUTCH-BANGLA BANK LTD, Ring Road Branch, Adabar, Dhaka, Swift code: DBBLBDDH).

Question: How do you manage accounts?
Answer: Our accounts are maintained by professional and audited internally. We didn’t have external audit till now. Hope we will do it soon.

Question: What are the expansion plans for Bidyanondo project?
Answer: Bidyanondo has plan to open a branch in every division within 2 years.

Question: How skilled Bidyanondo team?
Answer: We have skilled and professional team of 4 team members. They worked at different multinational company, NGO and Library managerment at their past job history. Our project coordinator worked at different NGO for more than 6 years.

Question: Can anybody join at Bidyanondo as volunteer?
Answer: Any person (can be outside of country) can join Bidyanondo team. Free coaching, student counseling, library management is the key role for volunteers. Please write to or for joining the team

Question: Who pays for the volunteer’s expenses?
Answer: Maximum volunteer’s job is free of cost. But if any poor students want to engage with this job, he/she will be paid based on agreement.