What is our goal in the long run?

Mission: Provide educational help to underprivileged students for being better resource for breaking the poverty cycle of their life

Vision: Ensure equal opportunities for students to be ready for career.

"Learn For Fun."

<span>Kishor</span> Kumar Das

Kishor Kumar Das

Founder and Chairman
<span>Nafiz</span> Chow

Nafiz Chow

Finance Secretary
<span>Faruque</span> Ahmed

Faruque Ahmed

Vice Chairman
<span>Shipra</span> Das

Shipra Das

General Secretary

Bidyanondo (Learn for fun) is a subsidy organization for better education system for underprivileged peoples. It works to assist students for IQ improvement, free Library, social awareness and inspiration. This initiative is very small in compare to problem. But we want to show hope to some people and inspire them to build their own life.

At first,. Bidyanondo is started just only 22 students at Narayangong in on 22th December,2013. Then it scatters at the place of Soloshohor on 14 April, 2014 as Chittagong Branch. At the same year in 4 July, it is started in Dhaka, Mirpur as Dhaka Branch and eventually in August 2015, it is started at Bandarban Branch.