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  • One Taka Meal

    At present we are providing more than 500 packets of meal in 8 districts of Bangladesh.The Bidyanondo Foundation’s policy is to charge 1 taka so as not to be viewed as giving handouts to the children, and for the children’s part, paying the money, as little as it is, is a matter of pride and allows them not to view themselves negatively as beggars.

  • One Taka Medical Camp

    For regular health experiment of babies, Bidyanondo organizes health camp in every month where they give the students free treatment besiges some necessary medicine.

  • Orphan center at Ramu

    Byanondo started an orphan center named Shompriti Onathaloy at Ramu, Coxs Bazar near to it’s Cox’s Bazar Branch.Here 103 orphan children live. Shompriti Onathaloy provides them Food, Clothes, Education and other basic needs.

  • Free Academic Coaching

    We have more than 500 regular students who get free food, educational material and teaching support under this project.

  • Scholarship program of Bidyanondo

    Under this project talented poor students of all level of studies get facilitated with all sorts of education aid which include pens, pencils, books and extend to uniforms, examination fees, monthly fees etc.

  • Orphan Center at Rajbari

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  • Free Library

    Bidyanondo, there are 3 branches of own library. There are one thousand books at Narayangong Branch, four thousand books in Dhaka Branch and there thousand books in Chittagong Branch where any freedom for all classes of people and Bidyanondo’s students without being a member of this organization, anyone can to come this library and enrich their knowledge.

  • Photography Project for Children

    Hold on the childhood into the frame in very interesting project of Bidyanondo. Under this project, impassible zone in Bangladesh who have no picture since childhood level, these categories of children’s are taken by us and have made their pictures into the frame. Bidyanondo will have completed to take 10,000 children’s photos and will have given their photos in the meantime.

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